Are led bulbs a bad investment?

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Are led bulbs a bad investment?

Are led bulbs worth the kind of money that is invested in them? Now here is a question that is worth answering before investing in led bulbs in the place of incandescent bulbs or before replacing incandescent bulbs with led bulbs. That question is that are led bulbs a bad investment? Well, the answer should be given only after studying various relevant facts which are mentioned below:-

1. Led bulbs have an average life span of 50,000 hours which is way more than CFL or incandescent bulbs. So, once you invest your money in led bulbs, you can be tension free about changing them frequently.
2. According to a report, the cost of one led bulb is $35.95, which is almost ten times more the cost of a CFL and thirty times more than the cost of an incandescent Future in Led bulbs distributions is also brighter if you are looking distributorship from led bulb manufacturing companies in india then once you should speak to our team.

3. But the cost electricity at the rate 0.10 per kWh, used by a led bulb is worth $50, used by a CFL is $70 and the cost of electricity of an incandescent bulb is $300. Now you cannot burn hole in your pocket every month or you can just do it once and be relieved from this burden.
3. You will need only one led bulb for 50k hours of use but you will need at least 42 incandescent bulbs for the use of 50, 000 hours.

4. So, led bulbs cost 2700 percent more than incandescent bulbs but you will save over the life of one led, you will save $ 266.75.

So, you can decide for yourself that led bulbs are a bad investment or good. Because according to our calculation, led bulbs  are not only eco friendly but you can enjoy its benefits in long terms and make your future brighter.

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