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LED bulbs manufacturers are the bulbs that make use of the light emitting diodes, which are a type of a solid state lighting, and enables production of visible light when the products allow electric current to pass though them. These bulbs are much different from the fluorescent or incandescent lighting that are normally used.
The LED bulbs are generally available in their A Series, B Series, and Deco Bulbs.

Specifications Led Bulbs

The A-Series of the bulbs have five different models, with their specific features. The ANRAB-3W model has wattage of 3W and 270 rated lumen. ANRAB-5W has 5W wattage and 450 lumen. The ANRAB-7W has wattage of 7W with 630 lumen. ANRAB-9W has 9W wattage and 810 rated lumen. The ANRAB-12W has the wattage of 12W and 1080 lumen.
The B-Series of the bulbs also have five models. ANRBB-3W is a LED bulb having 3W and 270 lumen. ANRBB-5W has 5W wattage and 450 lumen. ANRBB-7W bulb has a wattage of 7W and 630 rated lumen. The ANRBB-9W model has 9W wattage and 810 lumen. ANRBB-12W has 12W wattage with a rated lumen of 1080.Litesun is the renowned brand in the industry of led bulbs manufacturers in india. and people who are looking for led bulbs and wants to do led bulbs suppliers india Litesun is the best brand because of their qulaity and feedback of the customer too.
The range of voltage for all these models is 85-265 volt, with the angle of the beam being greater than 270 degrees.
The LED Deco bulb comes in a single model - ANRD-0.5W having a rated wattage of 0.5W and range of the voltage being 85-265 volt.

 Features Led Bulbs

The LED bulbs provide instant glow. The bulbs are most suitable for indoor usage. The designs are sophisticated and stylish, and are free from flickers. The bulbs contain no mercury, and can be applied in homes, offices, hotels, retail stores, showrooms, as well as in restaurants. The colour temperatures for the bulbs are 3000 K for warm white bulbs, 4000 K for natural white LEDs, and 6500 K for the cool white bulbs.
White LEDs are generally obtained by mixing a number of different colours combined with phosphor which allows the colours to be converted to white.

 Uses Led Bulbs

These bulbs are high energy efficient and hence saves a lot of energy. They are environment friendly and have a long life. Depending upon their usage, the bulbs can last up to 15 years. The bulbs being available in different colours – amber, red, green, and blue, users have a lot of options to choose from.
The bulb sizes are small and convenient, thus allowing a number of opportunities to design them. The performance of the LED bulbs suppliers in india litesun sys bulbs is much better than the traditional lights. The long lasting ability of the LED lights attract users more towards these bulbs.
The voltage and current requirements for the bulbs is also low. No UV or harmful rays are associated with these lights, thus making them safe and protective for use. Controlling and programming of the bulbs is easy.
The LED bulbs are highly sustainable, and highly reasonable as well, and have proved to be effective alternatives to the traditional bulbs. Installation of the bulbs is very easy, or can be assisted by professionals, if required.Because of this give quality litesun is calling the best brand of led bulbs suppliers in india and we are inviting supplying of led bulbs suppliers in punjab,haryana,jammu and kashmir,uttar pradesh,maharashtra,rajasthan,bihar too.